Key Lock Box


Thousands of families are burgled because of poorly-hidden house keys each year. Do you want a better solution?

Is there a more secure place to leave your keys than under the front doormat, inside an old shoe; nestled in a plantpot by the front door?

Lockforce is the KEY to keeping your home safe.

GRANT ACCESS only to those you trust – Family Members, Friends, Service Personnel, Caregivers, and for use in Emergency Situations.

EASILY SECURE up to 3-4 average sized front door keys. You’ll be able to leave home knowing that you’ll have a way to get back in. Protect your front door master lock key

NEVER be locked out of your own home again.

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ULTRA DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – This holder storage box is made from hardened tamper resistant steel with discreet case. Makes it perfect for outdoor use to hide a key.
EASY TO USE – SECURE INSTALLATION – Easy Mount template and premium strength screws allow you to mount this spare key box to any wall in minutes (wood and masonry screws included).
WEATHER RESISTANT DESIGN – Includes FREE Waterproof Case that shields from all weather conditions. Perfect for use outdoors, hidden, safe and discreet.
QUICKSET PIN – Set your custom PIN in seconds. This combination allows up to 10,000 unique combinations
HASSLE FREE USE – recommended for Realtors, Rental Properties, Property Management, Grandparents, Kids and Caregivers. Never be locked out again!