About Us

Hamgad Security Services Ltd is a provider of wireless security solutions, Industrial & Domestic CCTV systems, Electric Perimeter fence, burglar alarms, motion sensors, bulletproof vests, tactical vests, stun guns, pepper sprays, handcuffs, alarm padlocks, doorbell cameras, taser guns, gas masks, bodyguards, event security and bouncers.

Our state of the art home security systems includes; wireless home alarm systems, intercom systems, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Hamgad Security Services Ltd is working round the clock to provide every basic and sophisticated security needs of your organization.  Starting from the smallest and simplest domestic security need to the very sophisticated security needs of your organization, we are a master at providing solutions to these threats. Our clients’ continued patronage of our products is a testimony to our reliability and promise. Our timeliness of operation also speaks volume.

We are very pleased to inform you about our broad range of unparalleled Security Gadgets which are available for your safety and security needs because your safety is our priority. Rather than rely on manpower alone to keep locations safe, smoke alarms, wireless security systems, Electric fence Systems, and other important security gadgets are gaining popularity. All these have come to replace the high salary demands and the corrupt nature of night guards. Guess what! What seems to be impossible in Nigeria is now possible. Hamgad Security Services Ltd provides a number of safety, security and surveillance types of equipment which have been tested to meet specific security needs of individuals and organizations at an unbelievably affordable price. We have conducted various meetings with the Police command and we have both joined hands to work together to combat crime in the country.

By partnering with your firm in taking care of your security and safety needs, we ensure a significant improvement in the level of security of your organization (both lives and properties). Our deep knowledge of safety, security, and surveillance over the years puts us in the right position to choose and recommend to your firm your best security need.

Bearing in mind the safety of every client, our priorities at Hamgad Security Services Ltd are to;

  • Promote institutional safety through surveillance gadgets
  • Enhance the security of lives and properties in the workplace and the home
  • Ensure long-term and sustainable success of your firm’s security plan through specific strategies.
  • Ensure efforts at improving the security alertness of the workforce.

At Hamgad Security Services Ltd, our belief is in the extensive and continued consultation with our clients before and after providing their security needs.

These provisions are essentially aligned with the client’s safety and security plans.

We offer services that will make you benefit immensely from putting your security needs in our hands;

  • Strong Technical Support– our technical support is world class. Our technical team members are highly trained in the use and repair of modern security and safety gadgets and will be ready to work immediately on any reported case of gadget malfunctioning or repair. Our strong IT base is also of importance.
  • Time Factor– our efficiency at Hamgad Security Services Ltd is due to a reasonable consideration of time in our operation. Our supplies are time-based and over the years, this has been a major reason for not failing our clients.
  • Cost-effectiveness – we offer gadgets and services at considerably reduced prices to suit the basic needs of our clients as we assure them of a safe and secure environment.
  • Simple logistics– no hassle when it concerns the delivery of our gadgets regardless of your location. Our large warehouse and vehicles; which work round the clock have made this our strong point.
  • Industrial standards– unlike other safety devices, our gadgets meet industrial safety standards and have been approved by necessary authorities. For example, Hamgad Security Services Ltd smoke alarms have been approved by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL); an independent third party testing laboratory that sets the industry standards for alarms.
  • Free monthly maintenance– unlike other security service providers, Hamgad Security Services Ltd offers a free monthly maintenance for all installed gadgets in your homes or other locations to check if all components are intact.
  • Free Security Patrol– a security patrol vehicle will come around your location a few times a month to let people know you are protected.