Driver Services

Driver Compliance Expertise

Pre-hire screening in this highly regulated industry includes many significant moving parts including drug and alcohol testing, physical exam management and driver qualification files.

  • Our team of experts has decades of regulatory expertise, dramatically enhancing your ability to manage programs with strict FRSC guidelines.
  • We can help you to manage driver compliance to help you focus your administrative time on other aspects of your business.

Increased Process Efficiency

Our single sign-on platform allows you to streamline the Driver hiring process (Criminal Check, MVR, Drug Testing and Physicals to produce a Driver Qualification file) while providing a better candidate and recruiting experience. Our goal is to get your driver compliant and on the road quickly.

Driver Qualification System (DQS)

We provide a single source for driver qualification file management.

  • We provide motor vehicle records (MVR), road test results, physical certifications and completed applications so you can gauge your drivers’ compliance with FRSC regulations.
  • We notify you of all expiring items in the driver qualification file, integrate the steps required to remain compliant and provide a sophisticated audit trail so you can track progress over time.

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