Residential Background Check Services

Screen future tenants confidently with proven background check expertise for property managers and leasing agents. Our screening services are thorough and efficient, ideal for filling your properties fast.

Easy Apply

Our intuitive, online applicant portal for residential background checks drives quick data collection and creates a secure, straightforward route for prospective tenant communications so you can fill residences faster. Easy Apply creates an efficient way to communicate with potential residents and keep the rental application process in motion. The intuitive design is easy to understand, and our workflows are effortless to administer, helping to reduce the number of abandoned applications.

Evictions & Skips

Our proprietary tenant background check databases help you identify qualified applicants. Many evictions are not properly reported to credit agencies but our eviction database is updated with initial filings, possessions and judgments gathered nationwide. Through our (SkipWatch®) Database, property managers and owners from more than one million units nationwide share data regarding renters including timely payment, lease disputes etc.

Forms Manager

Our online forms management system gives you a single source for lease-related data capture, simplifying document retrieval and lease renewals. We make it possible for you to store all executed lease packets for all properties within a centralized online repository. You can also combine applicant background screening with forms management to control the flow of information, reducing your administrative costs.


Our proprietary collections database augments a typical resident background check by helping you to identify problem residents who otherwise might not be found through traditional background screening searches. When we search credit history we offer you the ability to select credit reports from any or all of the major bureaus, giving you the choice to use the bureau that is prominent where your properties are located.

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