CCTV Audio Monitor


This Dreamvasion sound monitor high sensitive mini microphone capturing audio evidence for security camera system. Collect audio evidence as important as capturing video evidence, this preamp microphone is a perfect addition to any video security camera system. This high sensitive mini preamp and microphone is the best for CCTV professionals, with Preamplifier IC built on board, it increases a microphone’s low output voltage to a stronger, more usable level, and it features low noise, high sensitive and auto level adjustment on-board preamp circuit.


This sound monitor contains HIFI process chip with low noise performance. Such chip can restrain noise around environment through frequency response network for several times, and provides pure tone quality and powerful movement.
Dreamvasion audio monitor contains dedicated AGC circuit so it is suitable for different types of Mic supervised listening environments, such as bank, prison, examination place, shopping mall, and industry factory etc.
This Dreamvasion sound vioce monitor has lots of virtues, including low noise, HIFI, wide range operation voltage, small electricity consumption, and long distance transmission.
It is a new kind of listen equipment that has adjustable sensitivity. It is a good partiner to be used with supervised TV and security protection system.